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Common questions about AdonLead Hosting

These solutions below are often concerned by new clients. You can find more popular answers and questions in "Using Guide" by login to the hosting panel. If you have specific issues, please open a support ticket to our Hosting Department for detailed support. You are always welcome by AdonLead staffs.

How to fix HTTP 500 Error and Blank Page?

First you have to disable Show friendly HTTP error message from your web browser setting to read your error.

  • Most of the reasons of HTTP 500 Error is your .htaccess file. Please check .htaccess for wrong code or command.
  • Most of the reasons of Blank Page is your site codes. Please turn on Display Error.
  • To turn on Display Error, just have to put this line at the top of your index.php page:

When new domain / subdomain will be activated?

New domain / subdomain will be activated by a frequence update at the last minute each one hour.
Example : 1h, 2h, 3h, 4h, ... 23h, 24h.
Time point is counted by [Server Time].

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