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Portal Home > Knowledgebase > AdonLead Agreements > Violation Policy

Violation Policy

These policies below are a standard direction helping AdonLead stables our service qualities to all customers. According to these policies, each customer is supposes as "had read" and "had accepted to follow these rules". If any issue happens regarding to these policies, we will not accept any legal dispute and / or any personal exception from customer.

1. General Violation: a customer who is recognized as violation has some significant activities below:

  • Operate content related with: game, music, movie, software, document…
  • Make backup continuously 2 times per day
  • Spam marketing email
  • Dumb database by any method
  • Operate ctivities involve with: virus, trojan, backdoor, shell… (Account will be suspended unlimited time)
  • Use tools and/or codes which cause damage to the system (Account will be suspended / terminated unlimited time and law prosecute for fine charge if appropriate)

2. No file storage: as our hosting infrastructure is more complicated design in purpose process dynamic system with PHP, Apache and MySQL; we do not allow any file storage activity in our system. All customers please use the other static hosting to pursue your storage purposes. The system will recognize file storage violation automatically according to the file storage indicator table below:

File type Max size per file Total max size of the same type
Document Files (Word, Excel, Pdf, PPT etc…) 5 MB 100 MB
Images Files (jpeg, gif, png, etc…) 5 MB 500 MB
Audio Files (mp3, wma, etc…) 5 MB 100 MB
Studio Files (mp4, 3gp, etc…) 5 MB 100 MB
Flash Files (swf, fla, etc…) 10 MB 50 MB
Other static files 5 MB 50 MB
Application files (exe, bat, etc...) 0 MB 0 MB

3. Suspended: customer account will be suspended for policy violation. There will be no refund for a suspension. When suspended, hosting account and data can be recovered (if case is positive).

4. Terminated: customer account will be terminated for policy violation. Suspended account over 30 days will also be terminated. There will be no refund for a termination. When terminated, nothing can be recovered.

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