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Hosting Policy

These policies below are a standard direction helping AdonLead stables our service qualities to all customers. According to these policies, each customer is supposes as "had read" and "had accepted to follow these rules". If any issue happens regarding to these policies, we will not accept any legal dispute and / or any personal exception from customer.

1. Diskspace: is defined as all resources involved with all activities from each user hosting accounts. It includes: static files, cache, session, tmp, RAM, MySQL, Email Data Send and Received, etc... These information is recorded as maximum as it reached. Once a user overuses the allowed diskspace, all web traffic will be delayed temporary on that user account until user logins and decreases the amount to appropriate size. New adjusting will be updated automatically each 1 hour. Overuse charge (if available) will be $0.10 / 1 MB.

2. Traffic: AdonLead guarantee all hosting accounts are online 99.9% (percent) - 24/7/365 in standard condition (Which means account is not under attack or error issue comes from user's own web code.) and all service configurations issued is exact as service descriptions. However, we cannot assure or response for any problem about slow connection speed may due to these reasons:

  • Customer website is under DDOS attack or involved with Bot Net.
  • Customer website is affected by SEO tools which sending request continuously.
  • Customer website has too many connections as a FLOOD simulation.
  • Visitor who connects to customer website has a poor internet signal.

3. System Maintenance: will be posted under Network Status Reports if occurs.

4. Time Response for Support Tickets from customers: no later than 24 hours, our tech support will update information about any issues (if occurs) related with DDOS / FLOOD / LOCAL / REMOTE / SPAM / VIRUS etc...

5. Risks Warning: we are not response for any issue come from un-awareness acts of customers as below:

  • Issued FTP account to un-trustable person.
  • Upload Nulled / Cracked / Patched Code Web which used to be highly positive with Trojans / Backdoors / Shells.
  • Forgot to update code web regularly from the official developer.
  • Login account on public devices or public internet connections.
  • Store account information in email or public places.
  • Use password which is easy-to-guess or matched with other personal information.
  • Forgot to log out each time working on the system.

6. DDOS Attack Response: generally we are not response for any issue come from DDOS Attack. We may help customers under DDOS Attack with our limited effort. However, we cannot determine and prevent DDOS Attack one hundred percent. In most cases, customers' accounts under heavy DDOS Attack might be locked until the DDOS ended. As finding source is the only way to stop a DDOS Attack, we will provide customers useful evidences involve with information where the DDOS come from. Therefore, customers then can hide Interpol to investigate and prosecute the real person who does DDOS Attack.

7. Data Backup: we handover Backup Function for each customer to do backup manually. To prevent fraud, the auto backup from the system is made encoded by the system and is only decoded back by the system incase failure occurs in a whole system. By that process, no technician from us can handle the Backup data on any individual account. Therefore, customers must have to manage the Backup yourselves by your own Backup Function. We are not response for any issue related with Backup data for any individual customer.

8. Code Web Of Customers: every self-setup code web is a property of customers so that we are not response for any issue or error from customers' coding. We just can help in our limited effort (if possible) and customers must have required knowledge at a minimum level to run a hosting system with your own code web.

9. Customer Support: we open our support center 24 hours without holiday. Our well-trained technicians are always ready to help. You can reach our support center by many channels on the homepage.

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